B4J – The simplest way to develop cross platform, desktop, server and web applications!

B4J is a 100% free development tool, similar to B4A that generates desktop, server and web applications.
B4J follows the same concepts of B4A and B4i, providing a simple and powerful development tool.
The compiled apps can run on Windows, Mac, Linux and ARM boards (such as Raspberry Pi).

Download B4J full version


1. Install Java JDK v8 and JavaFX Scene Builder:


2. Install Microsoft .Net Framework 4+:

3. Install and Configure B4J:




Q: B4J completely free, including with in commercial purposes ?

A: Yes .

Q: Development B4J of UI Apps What are the requirements?

A: B4J UI Apps relies on Java FX . Java’s FX is Java JRE 7 ( build 6+) are. B4J UI Apps will running on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ARM Linux operating system ( Raspberry Pi Case) Computer.

Q: which files should be distribute ?

A: When you release the Builds, all the same folder application is packaged in a jar file. You should distribute this jar file.

Q: Can I reuse B4A / B4i Code B4J?

A: Most of the non-UI code can be reused. See this tutorial Tutorial for more information .