Part-time Web designer job content

  • be familiar with web editing and visual design software and related skills.
    is responsible for website visual design, Flash animation design, programming.
  • consider themselves to have a certain visual aesthetic insistence and requirements of visual design carping spirit.
  • commercial websites and programming experience is a plus
  • good at communication, can work independently and responsibly.
  • a half-day shifts a day (time negotiable)

Job Category:

web designer, graphic design / US permanent staff, multimedia animator
Working conditions:
part time
work time:
the day shift, 13: 30-17: 30
vacation system:
to Work Day:


conditions require

to accept identity:
workers, graduates, studying at night, the second time employment
Work experience:
More than 2 years
Academic requirements:
high school, college, university, master
departments Requirements:
language requirements:
good tool:
Dreamweaver , HTML , JavaScript , Flash , Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator
Job Skills:

Other conditions:

Corporate Benefits

◆ bonus / gift
1. Year-end bonus
2. Employee benefits
3. Performance Bonus
4. The Special award
Section 5. The Three Gifts

◆ Insurance
1. Labor
2. Healthcare
3. pension charges

◆ casual
1. Domestic Tourism
2. Sectoral dinner
3. birthday party
4. Incentive dinner

◆ System class
1. meals allowance
2. Performance Bonus
3. Complete the education and training
Promotion pipeline 4. level and two-track positions

◆ Make / Holiday System
1. The two-day weekend
2. Buttes / annual leave
3. paternity leave
The family care leave
5. female colleagues physiological false
6. female colleagues maternity leave

◆ subsidy category
1. Labor Pension Fund set aside
2. The official telephone call allowance
3. Travel Grants
4. Since car oil Subsidies
Contact Information

candidates resume, please attach a personal ad link .
Date: 2010-04-01